Bad Mary capture something perfect with their style of punk rock. [They] deserve all the appreciation they get, they’ve produced a brilliantly fun album and in the process have put across this feeling that they are having fun with what they do. Anyone who likes old school punk and hard indie should check these guys and girl out as they are fantastic. – Stencil Magazine, 6/2/15

In an age where music is barely music anymore it’s awesome to have a group like Bad Mary come across my desk for review. No voice overs, no overbearing background vocals, just straight up punk riffs topped with the sweet sound of a female punk vocal . . . Fun seems to flow from their veins. – josarainc.com 12/22/14

We Could Have Saved The World could make the punk rockers a household name in the NY’s punk rock scene. With a high-octane brand of guitar thrashing that blew our minds. If you’re a fan of awesome musicianship, great vocals, and candid lyrics, then you’re going to love the uninhibited sound that lives between the grooves on We Could Have Saved the World. – Shaine Freeman – The Miews – 2/15/16

The rock band sets the bar high lyrically, melodically, and instrumentally in a collection of six tracks that stay firmly in punk rock territory while flirting at times with alternative rock.
With socially conscious lyrics wrapped in commercially strong melodies and instrumentation, Bad Mary has definitely captured my attention with We Could Have Saved the World. I look forward to seeing where they are going to go with their music and how much social change they are going to spearhead. – Blogcritics.org – 3/4/16

Bad Mary leaves no gaps – their strong punk foundation has no room for cracking and the incessant guitar strikes your ears like the constant fist pump it evokes. Overall, We Could Have Saved The World is an exceptional release for a band wise well beyond their years. A++ – Melissa Kucirek – Hot Indie News – 1/28/16

The punk rock music genre is about to get a lot more fun. Marked by fantastic guitar playing, in your face rhythms, and vocals that shake you to your bones, punk rock music has always been a favourite of mine. So when I got the chance to review a band like Bad Mary, I couldn’t have been happier or more excited. – Samantha Stevens – Volume 23 Issue 46 2015-11-27 The Voice Magazine